Club Directors

The Brockville Country Club is a not-for-profit organization with a Board of Directors made up of member volunteers elected at the Club's Annual General Meeting (AGM). Once the Directors are ratified, the various positions of the Board are selected through an election process of the Directors. The Ex-Officio members of the Board are selected by their committees and approved by the Board. The current Board of Directors of the Brockville Country Club, and their positions within the Board, follows:

President Tom O’Shaughnessy
Vice President Andrew Bischof
Honorary Secretary Kelvin Robinson
Honorary Treasurer Stephen Emery
Membership & Publicity Jim Elsasser
Communications Ron Smith
Strategic Planning Ted Broome
Property Ian Waggot
Food & Beverage John Ackerman
Golf Captain Linda Lumsden
Green Chair Mike Paquette
Curling Chair Gay Mailloux
Past President Mike O'Reilly